3 Simple Ways to Transform a Dining Table for Under $100

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Looking for an affordable way to upgrade your dining room table? Look no further!

Here are the three easiest and least expensive ways to create a beautiful dining room table.

Want in on a little secret? Join the community of millions of DIY-er's who know that you don't have to buy a brand new table to get the upgrade that you want.

With a little ingenuity, you'll end up with a great table to cherish and be proud of for only a fraction of the cost.


1. Use the top from a table you already have

This is definitely your cheapest option, as you only have to buy the legs.

First thing's first:

  • Disassemble your current table.
  • Depending on the table you're working with, this should be as easy as unscrewing the table legs from the top. 

If you want to refinish or paint your table top, now is the time:

  • Start by sanding your table top. You can rent a sander from Home Depot or purchase one for under $15 from Walmart
  • We recommend using a primer before you paint
  • Lay your table top on some newspaper or old towels and start painting. Allow 6-8 hours between coats 

Once your table top is ready for a new set of legs, the assembly is easy! Just grab a screw driver or a power drill and attach the legs to the bottom of the table top.

Recreate this look with the 2 Rod Hairpin Leg

You'll want your screws to be as long as possible without puncturing the other side of the top. 

The most affordable and stylish option for a table larger than 30x60 and heavier than 75 lbs is the 3 Rod Hairpin Leg.

If size and weight are not an issue, the Level III Hairpin Leg is a trendy twist on the 3 Rod and it comes with leg levelers that make it the perfect leg for uneven floors. 

2. Find a table top with character from an architectural salvage center near you

Habitat for Humanity Restore

Habitat for Humanity Restore

An architectural salvage center is a warehouse that buys and sells building parts salvaged from demolished or remodeled structures.

These are great places to look for a bargain on all things building parts as they are always sold for a fraction of their modern equivalents and often add character and charm. 

  • Search online directories for Architectural Salvage to find a local dealer.
  • Organizations like Recycler's Exchange are great places to look as well. 
  • Look for a Habitat for Humanity, or ReStore as it is called in some cities, near you. They sell salvaged parts and other home improvement items that are donated to them. 

Once you have found an inexpensive top, pair it with a set of metal table legs. The metal legs will provide the strength and durability that your refurbished top might be lacking. 

source: hunker.com

For dining table height, we recommend a 28" height table leg, available in four affordable options here:



3. Create a new table with an inexpensive top from Ikea

You may not want your entire table to come from Ikea, but they do offer very affordable tops, like the Linnmon (under $30 in a variety of colors and sizes) that you can easily pair with the table legs of your choice.


source: Midwinter Co.


Get this look with the 2 Rod Hairpin. The total cost to recreate this table is only $92.99 when you buy your table legs here. 

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