5 Cozy DIY Ideas that will get you in the Fall Spirit

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It's that time of year again. The weather is getting cooler, coffee is getting hotter, and our homes should be getting cozier. Below are some fun and easy ways to turn your home into autumn wonderland without breaking the bank.

1. DIY Starry Lamp

Lighting can mean everything when it comes to creating a cozy space. Turn your living room into a starry night dream world that will make you want to curl up with a good book and never leave.



2. Fill the air with Fall aromas 

All it takes is a stove top and some tasty fall flavors to have your home smelling like sugar and spice and everything nice. This is not a strict recipe: choose any flavors that take you to your cozy happy place.


3. Cozy up your couch pillows

Pillows are essential to coziness. Instead of changing out your old pillows for new ones, just transform the ones you already have! If you can spare a few bucks (try Target or your local Dollar Store) and know your way around a sewing machine (or needle and thread), then you won't believe how easy it is to create this reusable fleece pillow cover!



4. Frame your favorite fall leaves

One of the things that makes fall so special is how we only have a limited time to enjoy the vibrant colors and brisk weather before the leaves fall and temperatures drop. But what if you could immortalize the magic of fall? All you need is a simple glass frame and your favorite fall leaves to create a beautiful reminder of the season that always feels too short. 



5. Add Warmth with a Reclaimed Coffee Table

Fall is a great time for gathering around the living room. Give your space some extra warmth and charm this fall with a reclaimed coffee table. Whether you have a special top, like our customer Gail Beede and her husband did with this beautiful piece of cross cut cypress, or you want to find some reclaimed wood from a salvage center as a top, adding a set of inexpensive, hairpin legs is a simple way to make the whole room feel warmer. 

Hairpin legs available here

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