Trends We Love: The Best Ways to Use Open Shelving

Feb 07, 2018

Open shelving is the most versatile form of wall decor. Here are our top 5 favorite uses of shelving for both function and style!
We love how this trend blurs the line between practical and decorative. If you have the wall space and are looking for a fun way to decorate and/or utilize storage space, give these 5 looks a try!



A cluttered desk can cause a cluttered mind (clean desk policy, anyone?). Clear the clutter by storing key items on a set of shelves above your desk.

We recommend decorating your office shelves with air plants for boosted brain power with no-fuss care.



The latest trend for displaying your framed favorites is on the shelf! Gone are the days of choosing which prints and photos make the cut for the wall.

Now you can display them all, side by side or stacked, in a chic and 
non-cluttering fashion. The more diverse, the better!


What home couldn’t use a little more O2? Plants are our go-to for cleaning the air and keeping a healthy environment at home.

Try filling your whole shelf space with plants! It’s like having a garden on your wall.


Short on cabinet space? Shelves to the rescue! The possibilities for shelves in the kitchen are endless.

Use them for your morning mugs, spices, plates or anything you need at just an arm's reach away.



Closet space is something you can never have too much of. In many cases, there is never enough! Take advantage of the walls in your closet by adding shelves above your clothes.

Create a space to store boxes, linens, and any other miscellaneous closet dwelling accessories that need a home off the floor.

Over the bed

For those of us with limited bedroom space for bedside tables, adding a shelf above the bed is a great solution.

Store your bedtime essentials like lamps, books, sentimental photos, etc.

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