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Have you ever wandered a furniture store and thought:

“That would be a perfect piece for me if only it were in brass.”

“Wouldn’t that be super cool with bright blue legs?”

“I would love to find that with a concrete top.”

“I love that but it’s too big for my dining area.” 

Guess what? As furniture creators, we’ve had those same conversations with ourselves and with our customers! We reasoned, why can’t there be a more customizable way to create furniture that is perfect for each person’s style, space, and price point?

So we devised the perfect solution: YOU get to design your furniture by , taking our concepts and customizing them to fit precisely to your desires. You need it smaller? We can do that. Lime green legs? No problem! After some troubleshooting, We’ve  even created a system that allows you to choose  a table top or stool top and pair it with one of our unique bases, each in the materials, colors, sizes, and finishes you like.  

We are fervent in our passion for customizable design and acute in our attentiveness to quality. We want our customers to discover design combinations that speak to them. We are tossing out the old mentality of ‘make it work’ in favor of ‘make it yours.’  Simply put, the relationship between us, you, and design Design It Yourself (DIY) is reaching a whole new level of creation.

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