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Colored Hairpin Table Legs

One of the best things about DIY furniture is the ability to customize the color and look of the piece you're designing. A simple table with a custom design can really make your room pop and colored hairpin table legs are a great choice.


Hairpin legs have been a hot trend in furniture in recent years for good reason. They're a little different and they look so minimal that visually they seem to take up less space. While the industrial raw metal look is always classic, you can create a truly custom piece with our powder coated hairpin legs.


Powder coating is tougher than paint and is available in many different colors, which means more choices when creating your furniture. Hairpin legs are a great way to incorporate a brighter color because they are so minimalist. 


If your living room is full of neutral colors, create a coffee table with a simple maple table top, and add 2 Rod Hairpin Legs powder coated in "rustic turquoise". A matching potted plant or picture frame nearby will complement your table without overwhelming your room in color. For a little more color, add a complementary splash of orange through a piece of artwork or incorporated into the design of a throw pillow. 


To energize your home office, it's easy to DIY a custom work space. A hickory table top in just the right size makes a great solid feeling desk area, and adding our B-12 Hairpin Legs in navy blue adds an energizing and sturdy element without being distracting. This piece would work great in a naval themed office, but the simple design could work with many different styles of decor. 


Whether you crave a white marble dressing table with sassy pink legs or you'd like to customize the perfect dining table, Diy Furniture Store has what you need to get started. If you have any questions, be sure to contact us.



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